Benefits of Being an Egg Donor

If you decide you want to become an egg donor, you must work with IVF Origen Agency since we offer numerous advantages. The benefits of becoming an egg donor include experiencing a deep sense of fulfillment from helping infertile intended parents to couples from the LGBTQ + community who want to build their family, as well as being able to choose a match with intended parents who meet their criteria. Unlike working with an egg bank, our egg donors have control over who their eggs go to.

Requirements to be an egg donor

How it works

  • Donors can also choose whether to have a Known or Anonymous match with intended parents. Additionally, our egg donors receive full support from our experienced team throughout their entire journey. Donors are able to connect with other experienced egg donors for advice through our agency.
  • Finally, egg donation compensation typically ranges from $9,000 to $15,000+ per cycle, providing the opportunity to save for future goals and dreams. 

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Donating is an act of love. When we give to others, we are expressing our love and empathy for their situation. We may not know the people we are helping, but by donating, we are showing them that they are not alone.