Becoming an egg donor requires meeting various requirements related to health, lifestyle, and family history.


At IVF Origen Agency, we believe in the power of commitment. Embarking on the egg donation journey requires wholehearted dedication.

We encourage you to step forward as one of our Egg Donors if you’re prepared to commit 100% to this incredible process. Being an Egg Donor means dedicating time, both yours and ours. The road might present its challenges, but you will always be supported by our dedicated team at every step. You play a crucial role in creating the best outcome—for both you and the hopeful parents.

Before taking the step we ensure you’re armed with comprehensive information and legal representation about egg donation. Keep in mind, while all are valued, not every potential donor will embark on this path, and not all selected donors receive the same financial support. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, you must contact us to see if you meet the egg donor requirements. 

What are the Egg Donors Requirements?

Commitment and Striving for the Best

Other requirements include having some education beyond high school or success in a chosen career path, willingness to complete medical and psychological screening, and the ability to use injectable medications. Donors must also have a flexible schedule for appointments and travel as needed.

Quality Methodologies

At Origen, we take the screening of donors seriously to ensure their health and well-being, as well as to increase the likelihood of being selected by intended parents. We believe that thorough screening is crucial to ensure that egg donation is in the best interest of the donor, the intended parents, and any potential offspring.

Want to know more?

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