An Anonymous, Known, or Open Donor Arrangement: Which Is Better for the Child?

Egg donation is a wonderful family planning option for intended parents looking to build a family. When researching egg donation, you may have some questions regarding the difference between an anonymous, known, or open donor agreement and whether any of these options are more favorable for you and your future child. 

IVF Origen Agency is an IVF and egg donation agency based in the United States and Mexico that helps intended parents make the right decisions for their family planning goals. When it comes to the type of donor arrangement you choose to have, there are key differences you should understand regarding the impact your decision may have on your child. 

What Is the Best Egg Donor Arrangement for the Future Child?

Making a decision to move forward with the egg donation journey should be exciting as you take one step closer to realizing your dreams of parenthood. However, before you begin your journey, you should have a full understanding of egg donation and the three different donor arrangements you can choose from to ensure you feel confident with your decision moving forward. 

The three different egg donor arrangements that intended parents can choose from are as follows:

Anonymous Donor Arrangement

An anonymous donor arrangement is when the egg donor and the intended parent(s) have no identifying information about each other throughout the duration of the journey. The child born by egg donation will also have no contact information for the egg donor.

Semi-Known or Semi-Open Arrangement

This type of donor arrangement is technically still anonymous. However, semi-known or semi-open arrangements offer a solution to possible contact between the donor and the intended parents or child for personal or medical reasons.  

Known or Open Donor Arrangement

Open donor arrangements involve the donor and intended parents having previously known each other or deciding to exchange each other’s personal contact information to communicate directly with each other throughout the egg donation journey. The option of communication that is present in this type of arrangement does not guarantee ongoing frequent contact. It would be up to the intended parents and donor to continue any relationship after the egg donation journey has been completed. 

The wants and needs of intended parents and their children can vary from case to case regarding egg donation. That is why there is no one donor arrangement that is considered to be the best for a child. While it has been found that some children may one day wish to connect with their egg donor and find it difficult to do so if the arrangement was anonymous, many children may not feel they need that information later in life. Your egg donation agency can help you lay out all the pros and cons and decide what you believe will be the best fit for your family in the future when deciding on a donor arrangement. 

Learn More About Egg Donor Arrangements Today With IVF Origen Agency

We at IVF Origen Agency understand that egg donation offers intended parents the hope that they will be able to welcome a child into their family. While egg donation is a wonderful option to help intended parents build a family, it is important that you have complete knowledge of the different donor arrangements so you can decide, with confidence, which option may fit your needs best. 

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