A Break Down of the Egg Retrieval Process

If you are an egg donor or an intended parent, you may know the egg retrieval process is a major step on the journey to welcome a child into the world. This quick procedure involves a preparation period, general anesthesia, egg retrieval, and a brief recovery. As with any medical procedure, our compassionate team at IVF Origen Agency understands you may have questions about the process and what to expect, so we take the time to address any concerns and doubts you may have and ease your worries. We aim to give all our clients a stress-free experience by providing support before, during, and after egg retrieval.

IVF Origen Agency is an egg donor agency based in the United States and Mexico that supports women on their journeys from start to finish. We provide unmatched services to everyone we work with, so you can have the peace of mind that you are in the right hands. With our years of experience and open, honest communication, you can understand the egg retrieval process and have the confidence and comfort to move forward. 

4 Steps Involved in the Egg Retrieval Process

Donating eggs can be an equally exciting and overwhelming experience, and you may worry about the egg retrieval process as it approaches. Our caring team understands these feelings and works closely with you to alleviate any stress and allow you to focus on the positives of your journey. While every egg donor is different, you can expect the following steps during the egg retrieval process:


Before the egg retrieval procedure, we take steps to ensure your body and eggs are ready. This usually involves pre-cycle blood tests that check your ovarian reserve and hormone injections that prepare your ovaries to produce multiple eggs during one cycle, which we guide you through. We also work with you to create a timeline for follow-up appointments and the retrieval procedure while monitoring the eggs’ maturity.


Once the follicles reach 18-20 millimeters in diameter and your hormones are at the appropriate level, we can proceed with the retrieval, which starts with sedation. We use a light anesthetic to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.


During the retrieval procedure, an ultrasound guide introduces the needle that punctures each follicle. The liquid that contains the egg is released and removed so the egg can be separated from the liquid and incubated. This is typically a 10-30 minute procedure, depending on the amount of eggs you produce.


Immediately following the retrieval procedure, you head to recovery, where you may receive pain medications. You can expect some discomfort in the hours after the procedure, but many egg donors return to work or school after a day of rest.

Contact the Trusted Team at IVF Origen Agency to Learn More About Egg Retrieval

If you are considering egg donation to help intended parents achieve their dream of building a family, it’s important to understand the process so you always know what to expect. Our experienced team at IVF Origen Agency communicates with you every step of the way so you have a clear understanding of the egg retrieval procedure, how to prepare, and what recovery will be like. This way, you can focus on the joys of egg donation and have a positive experience.

IVF Origen Agency is an egg donor agency helping women interested in starting their egg donation journeys learn more. We proudly provide top-tier services to everyone we work with and work hard to establish trust. To learn more about the egg retrieval process, give us a call at 786-460-3815 or fill out our contact form.

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