How Long Does It Take to Find a Surrogate Match?

At IVF Origen Agency, we understand that the essence of a successful surrogacy journey lies in the delicate process of finding the ideal match between intended parents and surrogates. The surrogacy matching timeline involves a thorough screening process ensuring the highest quality of surrogates. From psychological evaluations and background checks to detailed medical screenings, each step is a testament to our unwavering commitment to guiding intended parents on a joyous and healthy path. The entire matching process can typically take six to twelve months.

If you’re ready to embark on your surrogacy journey, IVF Origen Agency is here to guide you every step of the way. Our commitment to quality, personalized matching, and a collaborative journey makes us a trusted partner for intended parents. Contact us today and let us help you navigate the complexities of surrogacy, bringing you closer to the dream of starting or expanding your family.

Navigating Surrogacy: Understanding the Matching Process

Starting on the path to parenthood through surrogacy is a profound journey, and finding the right surrogate match is a pivotal step. At IVF Origen Agency, we recognize that the heart of a successful surrogacy journey lies in finding the perfect match. This intricate process is a collaborative effort between our agency surrogates and intended parents. At IVF Origen Agency, we ensure the highest level of care for both intended parents and surrogates. 

Defining Surrogacy

A surrogate, often referred to as a gestational carrier, generously carries a pregnancy to term for another family, using eggs and sperm from different sources. Recognizing the uniqueness of each surrogacy journey is paramount, as the time to find a surrogate match hinges on various factors, including location, family-building goals, and personal preferences. Generally, the surrogate matching process spans six to twelve months, adapting to the distinctive circumstances of each intended parent.

The Initial Stage: Finding Qualified Surrogates

Prior to embarking on the matching process, surrogacy agencies diligently ensure they collaborate with top-tier surrogates – women who embody qualities of health, responsibility, and effective communication. This screening process varies across agencies but commonly involves a comprehensive evaluation, including several in-depth assessments.

  • The surrogacy application: Potential surrogates initiate the process by submitting applications that cover their background, pregnancy history, obstetrical/gynecological information, and details about their spouse or partner, if applicable.
  • Surrogate documentation: Once the application is complete, surrogates provide personal documents, including photos, insurance cards, and release forms, allowing agencies a comprehensive view beyond the application.
  • Psychological evaluation & background check: Surrogates and their partners undergo thorough psychological evaluations involving licensed clinical psychologists and formal personality assessments. Background checks, including home visits, further ensure the suitability of surrogates for the journey.
  • Medical screening & approval: Medical screening, a crucial step, involves an in-depth review of the surrogate’s pregnancy and delivery records. This process, while time-consuming, is vital to ensuring the health and viability of the surrogacy journey.
  • Finding the right surrogate match: Once surrogates pass the initial stages, agencies commence the search for the perfect match based on the preferences of the intended parents. A flexible approach to preferences, such as location and marital status, can expedite the matching process. However, highly specific criteria may extend the timeline to a year or more.

Trusting the surrogacy agency is integral to expediting the matching process. Agencies like IVF Origen Agency are dedicated to selecting healthy, happy, and qualified surrogates committed to gifting intended parents the joy of a lifetime.

Looking for the Ideal Surrogate Match? Contact IVF Origen Agency

For those dreaming of parenthood, IVF Origen Agency invites you to take the first step toward building your family. IVF Origen Agency is committed to ensuring a seamless and rewarding surrogacy journey with meticulous attention to detail throughout the matching phase. Our all-inclusive surrogacy package ensures the surrogate is seamlessly integrated into the process, with no separate compensation considerations. 

Fluent in Spanish and offering services that are 50% less expensive than IVF/surrogacy in the US, IVF Origen Agency opens doors to a cost-effective and compassionate path to parenthood. If you’re ready to embrace the hope of starting or expanding your family, contact IVF Origen Agency today. Complete our contact form or call (786) 460-3815 to learn more about our services.

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